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GetMyDocs for Business

With GetMyDocs for Business, get the power and security of GetMyDocs plus robust admin controls, dedicated support, and all the space you need. Contact us to Learn More about GetMyDocs for Business.

Effective Features

  • Reducing Cost And Increasing Productivty

    Replacing a Paper Process Businesses are saving millions of rupees annually when adopting paperless work processes by using GetMyDocs. Many industries are realizing the value of enterprise file management and share solutions. Significant paper and printing costs are eliminated, while productivity is instantly increased.

  • Flexible Workflow And Easy Collaboration

    Driving a Business Process Enterprises rely on their file management and share solution to support flexible business workflows to achieve profitable interactions with both internal and external stakeholders. Business content often travels through multiple processes, which could bottleneck or create vulnerabilities without proper enterprise level security for creation, collaboration and approval stages. GetMyDocs supports varied business ecosystems and offers a centralized access and collaboration point for all content.

  • Boosting ROI With GetMyDocs

    • Saving on expenses associated with hardware and supplies (paper, ink, toner, etc.), printing and power consumption and waste.
    • Increasing IT productivity by eliminating the many drawback of email or other sharing solution, including latency, data leakage and hidden costs.
    • Reducing the time spent on traditionally time-consuming, complex processes by providing GetMyDocs and enabling a single access point for all content.
    • Eliminating all performance and security risks by replacing existing access Via Secure Access Gateway.
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